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TOUR PROGRAM:  This “Discover D.C.”  (The “Program”) is sponsored by Hawaii Grad Nite, LLC (HGN).  This Program is designed 12 months prior to departure and the prices quoted are based on prices available at the time the Program is designed.  The right is reserved to alter this Program without notice and prices are subject to change.  Price is based on quadruple rooming and a minimum of thirty-five (35) statewide participants attending.

RESERVATIONS & DEPOSITS:  Applications will be given priority if received in our office by June 30 (for departure the following March); final applications accepted no later than October 30 (as space permits).  A $300 ($100 non-refundable) deposit is required together with this registration form. Applications received after the deadline above will be subject to updated pricing. Please send check or money order payable to “Hawaii Grad Nite, LLC” at P.O. Box 10901, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816-0901; phone (808) 585-0770.  Full and final payments are due December 31.  As a courtesy, payment coupon books will be provided on request. Late payments are subject to updated pricing, additional fees and/or cancellation. 

CANCELLATION:  All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.  Any cancellation requests must be made more than one hundred (100) days prior to departure in order to qualify for any refund of payments made, subject to a $50 service charge.  All non-refundable expenses incurred by HGN will be deducted from any qualifying refund.  Any cancellations less than one hundred days prior to departure are 100% non-refundable.   Travel insurance is highly recommended and is available for purchase through HGN.

LUGGAGE:  One piece of luggage to be checked on the aircraft and one unchecked (hand carried) bag is allowed per person.  Participants are solely responsible for any personal luggage fees assessed by the airline.  The Program operators supervise the transfer of luggage, however, they cannot be responsible for loss or damage to any luggage or personal property.  Luggage insurance is available through HGN.

RESPONSIBILITY:  HGN and its agents, act as agents for several airline carriers, hotels and other establishments providing services or accommodations to Program participants and HGN does not assume responsibility for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses arising out of injury, accident, or death, loss or delay of luggage or other property, delays, inconvenience, disappointment, distress or frustration, or any physical or mental injury resulting from strikes, war, weather, mechanical breakdown, accidents, lockouts, overbooking, Acts of God or any other factors beyond its control.  In the event of overbooking, HGN shall attempt to obtain accommodations or services of equal value.  Comprehensive travel insurance is available through our office or website for a nominal fee (Travel Guard Travel Insurance).

DISABLED PERSONS:  HGN must be informed of the need for reasonable accommodations for disabled persons at least ninety (90) days prior to departure so appropriate arrangements may be made.  Assistance with regard to personal matters (i.e. handling money, personal hygiene, etc.) is not considered reasonable accommodations and the participant must make his or her own arrangements for necessary attendant care.  All costs of reasonable accommodations and necessary attendant care shall be the responsibility of the participant.

“DISCOVER D.C.”/HAWAII GRAD NITE, LLC GENERAL RULES:  HGN requires that all participants behave in a way which brings pride to our islands, including appropriate dress, behavior, and respectful speech.  “House rules” will be discussed at our family meeting, approximately thirty days (30) prior to departure.  We would like to exemplify the true spirit of Aloha with our mainland hosts.  HGN assumes no responsibility for any participant who is denied entry or participation in our activities due to participant’s inability to adhere to the rules set forth.

RIGHT OF TERMINATION:  HGN prohibits the possession or use of any illegal substance, drugs and alcoholic beverages by any person on this Tour.  Use or possession of these substances shall result in immediate dismissal of such person from the Program.  HGN also reserves the right to dismiss from the Program any person who, in the sole judgment of the Program chaperones or Program escorts, fails to act in the best interest or welfare of either themselves or other members of the Program, or for failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the Program.  All persons dismissed from the Program shall be returned to his/her home at his/her own expense.  HGN accepts no responsibility for any person who has been dismissed from the Program and no refunds will be made for any unused services.  “Unaccompanied minor” fees assessed by the airline, as well as transportation to the airport, will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian, as applicable.

PARENTAL PERMISSION:  All Program participants are required to submit this completed and signed registration and permission form prior to departure.  No person shall be allowed to travel without this signed parent/guardian registration and permission form.  There shall be no deviations from the Program.  HGN reserves the right to inspect personal property, luggage and/or conduct hotel room inspections, as necessary.  Program participants agree to release to HGN any rights to use photos/videos during the Program for promotional purposes.